Lone Baby Girl Found On Inflatable Migrant Boat Off Spanish Coast

| by Khier Casino

A lone baby girl has been found on a tiny boat and is one of more than a thousand sub-Saharan migrants who entered Spain’s coasts all together over the past few days.

Named Princesa — Spanish for “princess” by Red Cross workers — the child, thought to be eight or 10 months old, was found in one of the 94 inflatable boasts that reached the Spanish coast earlier this week from Morocco, the Daily Mail reports.

The baby was discovered wrapped in blankets with a fever of 101.3 degrees, which eventually went away.

“We took care of the girl while she was here, a nurse gave her a check up and volunteers stayed with her, giving her bottled milk,” Red Cross spokesperson Miguel Domingo told The Local from southern Spain.

“These are similar to the procedures we follow with all babies who arrive here after being rescued at sea, because their mothers arrive on shore very tired,” he added. “The only difference in this case, of course, was our volunteers had to stay with the baby girl at all times.”

Local media reported that the boat in which Princesa was found had departed from Morocco before being intercepted en route to Tarifa, Spain’s southernmost port.

According to other rescued African immigrants, her parents had an altercation with the police as the boat sailed away, preventing them from boarding.

Red Cross volunteers in Tarifa took turns throughout the night looking after Princesa, and she eventually drank two bottles of milk.

The government of Andalucia has taken custody of Princesa and hopes her parents will contact them soon. But until then, she will be placed with a foster family.

Hundreds of sub-Saharans attempted to storm the 20-foot barbed-wire fence Thursday to enter Melilla from Morocco for the third day in a row.

Two hundred fifty migrants made the attempt Thursday, but only one made it past police interception, the Interior Ministry said. It added that a total of 1,338 migrants have been intercepted trying to reach Spain by boat since August 4.

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