Lolo Jones and Her Self-Made Twitter Controversy

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Olympic hurdler Lori 'Lolo' Jones received a lot of press this year for revealing on Twitter that she was still a virgin. The 29 year old told HBO's Real Sports she was waiting for marriage to have sex and wanted to give it to her husband 'as a gift.'

Jones had a lot of difficulties growing up, moving to eight schools in eight years and even living in the basement of a Des Moines, Iowa Salvation Army church.

In her interview for HBO's Real Sports, correspondent Mary Carillo said “When I put together your whole life and what you've been through, you've had traumas and you've had this unstable existence, it makes sense to me that you want to have the kind of family you wish you'd had as a kid.”

After her confession to the world, Jones was criticized for her lifetstyle choice and even said that staying a virgin was tougher than training for the Olympics. The Olympic Trials were held this past June in Eugene, Oregon -- home of the Oregon Ducks.

This is where it got weird. Jones sent the following tweet below. (Note: She is an avid tweeter, with over 8,600 tweets and 214,400 followers.)

Need a duck for my bubble bath. Any student from Oregon game?