Limber Venezuelan Convict Attempts to Escape By Hiding in Luggage

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

Venezuelan jails are banning visitors from carrying luggage after prisoner Gavinson Garcia was found trying to escape in a suitcase.

Garcia, a convicted murderer who is only 5 foot 3 inches tall, folded himself into the suitcase brought to Yare II prison in Caracas by his girlfriend Susana Blanco, 22.

Blanco struggled to move the wheeled luggage as she was walking towards prison gates. "The lady was dragging a black travelling suitcase, but a guard noticed her physical effort on the steps," said Lieutenant Colonel Rafael Rodriguez.

Opening the bag, they found Garcia inside curled up inside, half naked and barefoot, his head between his knees.

Blanco was accustomed to being searched on her arrival to the prison, but not as she left. Rodriguez believes Garcia paid other prisoners about $3,175 to help him escape and Blanco is believe to have received $1,100 for her role.

Source: NY Daily News