Leonardo DiCaprio Accused Of Choking Woman (Photo)

| by Sheena Vasani

Some accuse actor Leonardo DiCaprio of choking a woman, based on a photo published online.

In the picture, DiCaprio, 42, is with actor Tobey Maguire aboard a yacht in St. Tropez, France, TMZ reports.

Wearing a gray T-shirt and a pair of white sunglasses, DiCaprio is seen holding a woman's face in a manner some found strange.

TMZ says DiCaprio looks as if he is administering "mouth-to-mouth treatment," while an insider said, "Leo was very polite and shook their hands and asked their names -- he was a gentleman," the Daily Mail reports.

Others were not convinced.

Some thought what he was doing looked suspicious.

"Why is Leo choking a girl?" wondered one person.

"This is a weird photo," wrote a second. "Looks more like abuse to me."

"What's up with that picture?" added another. "It looks like Leo is hurting that girl. Or he's about to give her a huge kiss. I can see this picture getting totally twisted."

"I think Leo could be a little Creepy by the looks of the picture!!" said a fourth.

Others laughed about his unusual pose, but in their jokes also said they thought it looked like he could be choking her.

"Leo was overheard telling the woman that he had by the throat: 'shut up and fix me a turkey pot pie,'" joked one.

"Sometimes Leo just gotta choke a itchh," added another.

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