Law Student Falsely Accuses Boyfriend of Raping Her 11 Times So She Can Dodge Exams

| by Allison Geller

A British law student falsely accused her boyfriend of raping her 11 times, an excuse to get out of taking exams.

The Daily Mail reports that 30-year-old Rhiannon Brooker accused 46-year old Paul Fensome of assaulting her multiple times. Fensome was charged and held in jail for 30 days.

But detectives found no evidence of Brooker’s accusations. Brooker had, in fact, used the allegations as “extenuating circumstances” to try and get out of her bar exams.

Brooker told police officers in 2010 that Fensome had accused her of cheating on her and then grabbed her violently by the throat.

“He put his hand around my neck and throat, his grip was tight, I found it hard to breathe. He said I was malicious and nasty,” she told police in a recording.

Fensome denied the allegations with a “cast iron alibi.” Doctors confirmed suspicions that Brooker’s facial injuries and bruising were self-inflicted.

Brooker later admitted herself that she had lied.

“The allegations were not true and I am sorry I made them,” the law student told police. "I find it very difficult to understand why I said these things."

Brooker was partying too much to study, prosecutor David Bartlett told Bristol Crown Court.

“One of the reasons for her false allegations was that she was living an active social life and not doing the work required to pass,” Bartlett informed the jury.

Bartlett is accusing Brooker of causing “distress, disruption and expense” to Fensome and his family, deceiving other students and teachers who rallied to support her, and of needing to be the “center of attention.”

“The prosecution alleges that she knew that the course of justice was being perverted and intended to pervert the course of justice throughout that period,” Bartlett said.

As the trial continues, Brooker denies 20 charges of "perverting the course of justice."

Brooker reportedly still had to sit for her exams.

Sources: Daily Mail

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