911 Dispatcher Comes To Aid Of Elderly Woman

| by Jordan Smith

A 911 dispatcher in Hartford, Connecticut  decided to take matters into her own hands to assist an 86-year-old caller.

Francis Royer called 911 and explained that nobody was around to help her take out her trash, which had been building up for two weeks, WTIC reported.

“I just wanted to know if someone could take my garbage out tomorrow, it's been there two weeks and it's overloaded ... I'm 86 years old, I'm handicapped, and I got a heart condition, I got nobody,” Royer said on the call.

Royer has family, but they live out of state. The neighbors she usually relies on were not available.

Katherine Grady, who took the call near the end of a shift, visited Royer on her day off to help.

“She called in, she was a Hartford resident for, I think she told me like 40 plus years, or something like that, she's lived in the same place, she loves the city, she's worked here, had her family here,” Grady told WTIC.

Grady explained that Royer had expressed a fondness for the past, when people were more willing to help each other out in a small town. This motivated her to help.

“If they're calling 911, it's an emergency to them, so it doesn't matter if it's small or big,” she added.

The dispatcher took out the garbage that had built up in two large trash cans in Royer’s driveway and also helped the 86-year-old clear up some junk around her house, reports Daily Mail.

Grady said the call didn’t follow the pattern of what she normally does.

“That's such an easy thing, and a lot of people that call in here [with problems that are] not something you can fix over the phone,” she said.

“We get you the people that you need, like we'll get you fire, police, EMS, all three if you need it, but it's not usually us personally that fixed the problem, but for something so simple like that it was easier to just do it myself,” Grady added.

Royer is reportedly looking into setting up ongoing support from a local organization that helps out the elderly.

Sources: WTIC, Daily Mail / Photo credit: WTIC screenshot via Daily Mail

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