Kim Kardashian Allegedly Told Kanye To Start A Diet

| by Sarah Zimmerman

Anticipating the birth of her third child, reality star Kim Kardashian told husband Kanye to go on a "daddy diet."

Kim reportedly said that she wants Kanye "feeling his best" when their third child is born, according to The Sun.

The couple, who has been married since 2014, is expecting their third child via surrogate. Their other two children, North and Saint, were born traditionally.

Kim wants them both to be in "top form" when the next baby arrives, and she's allegedly trying to make him lose weight.

"She needs Kanye full of energy, so Kanye's on a daddy diet that will see him work out three times a week, increasing to five times a week within six weeks," said a source close to the family.

Fruit Basket, Grapes, Apples, Pears, StrawberriesThe source said that Kanye had gained weight as he's been hard at work on his new album.

Kanye’s had a very tough year, and he loves comfort food like mac and cheese, fried chicken, cheese burgers and home fries,” says the source. "Since his tour was cancelled and he’s in the studio all the time now, working, he’s not as active."

“But Kim wants him on top form for when their their baby arrives in January -- she says with three kids to run around after, they’ll both need to be fitter than ever."

The reality star herself lost 60 pounds this past year, according to Entertainment Tonight. She credits the weight loss to a strict diet and workout routine that begins at 6 a.m. each day. 

Machines, Weight, Weights, Lifting Weights, Gym"My butt and my hips are the last to go, but I'm not stopping!" she said in a previous interview. "After having two kids, and being able to get in shape and still feel good about myself, I've never felt better. I worked my a*s off, I've altered my life and I'm proud of that."

Now, she wants her husband to feel the same way. Kim will likely be in charge of Kanye's workout routine, working with his trainer to make sure the rapper is sticking to the tough regimen. 

"So Kanye’s on a ‘daddy diet’ -- or ‘lifestyle change to promote wellbeing’ -- will see him work out three times a week, increasing to five times a week within six weeks," the source told The Sun. "It’s going to start early in the morning when his trainer comes to the house, and it’ll be cardio and muscle conditioning.

"He’ll get his six pack back by Christmas."

Sources: The Sun, Entertainment Tonight / Featured Image: Jason Persse/Flickr / Embedded Images: Max Pixel (2)

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