'Keep Calm And Rape a Lot’ Shirts For Sale on Amazon

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Michael Fowler, founder and CEO of Solid Gold Bomb, had a lot of explaining to do recently after his company began selling a line of T-shirts with slogans that seemingly promoted rape.

The shirts were all meant to display phrases that made fun of the saying, “Keep Calm and Carry On,” in a playful way. Instead, Solid Gold Bomb offered shirts saying things like, “Keep Calm and Rape Her,” “Keep Calm and Hit Her,” “Keep Calm and Grope On,” and “Keep Calm and Rape A Lot.” The shirts were for sale on

After Twitter erupted with outrage over the extremely offensive shirts, Fowler went on his company’s website to explain what had happened, reports The Raw Story. According to Fowler, the shirts were all the result of a mistake made by a computer. The shirts were created by an “automated process” that “relied on both computer based dictionaries and online educational resources ie. verb lists” to come up with phrases that would make fun of the “Keep Calm” slogan.  

“These were subsequently scripted to position themselves on t-shirts and the associated product data was derived simply from the product name and the 16 word combinations like ‘On’ and ‘Off’ and ‘Him’ or ‘Her’ and so forth,” Fowler wrote on the website. “Near all of these combinations either work or don’t work and are certainly non-offensive such as ‘Dream On’ and ‘Dance Off’ and so forth.”

Fowler said that none of the shirts with the rape slogans ever even made it to the printing press because none of them were ever sold.

“As a father, husband, brother and son, I would never promote such product in our company and it was clear to see this when looking across the millions of t-shirts that we offer or can produce on demand,” he explained. “Had these items ever sold, we would have immediately pulled the series and are doing so on our own and Amazon channels worldwide.”

As of Sunday, all of the company’s shirts had been removed from Amazon.

Source: The Raw Story