Kayla Mendoza's Family Claims Her Twitter May Have Been Hacked

| by Will Hagle

Kayla Mendoza’s Twitter feed has become an infamous international sensation due to one simple tweet: “2 drunk 2 care.” A few hours after that tweet was posted on Mendoza’s account, she crashed her car in a collision that caused the death of two young women. 

The accident was devastating, and the fact that Mendoza’s public Twitter account demonstrated her recklessness only adds to the tragedy of the incident. Mendoza’s family, however, claims that the girl’s account was hacked.

“We can’t say who is hacking her account, but if I knew her password I would shut it down. All we can say is that someone is posting lies on there. It’s slander on her Twitter. It’s heinous, and whoever hacked it is very sad, that they would post such annoying comments,” Mendoza’s cousin Luis Massey said, according to the New Times.

Mendoza herself is currently recovering from the incident in the hospital after undergoing serious injuries. It has not been confirmed whether or not Mendoza was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the New York Daily News reports.

Although Mendoza’s accident and Twitter feed have caused critics to weigh in on the issue, her family insists that people not judge her based on her social media output.

“People need to know that she’s no monster. I’ve known her my whole life and people are trying to make her look like a junkie. She’s a respectable, honest, loving person,” Massey said.

Mendoza lives in South Florida.