Kansas Groom Chases Thief Who Stole Wedding Gifts

| by Emily Smith

A Kansas couple renewing their vows was rudely interrupted during their celebration when a man tried to steal wedding gifts from the reception.

Jared Lightle and his wife, Stephanie, were renewing their vows to mark their one-year anniversary at a courthouse near Fort Hood, Texas, where they had married just before Lightle was deployed to Afghanistan.

The couple was outside Saturday during their reception when the groom’s mother yelled that someone had taken cards from a gift table in the lobby. When Lightle saw a man running across the street with the wedding cards, he took action and ran after the thief.

“Hey, hold on a minute!” Lightle said. “Stop! Thief! Stop!”

Lightle’s brother and father also took after the thief, Rosario Caruso, with help from onlookers, who pointed out the direction the man had ran.

Police, who were investigating a nearby car accident, were eventually able to catch Caruso. Lightle was pleased that police were able to catch the suspect, and believes that justice will be served.

The 31-year-old was charged with trespassing, larceny and resisting arrest.

“If we hadn’t caught the guy, it would have ended an otherwise perfect celebration on a very bitter note,” Lightle said.

Although the couple was tasked with trying to match recovered gift cards with gift givers, Lightle joked that he and his wife would have a unique wedding story to tell for the rest of their lives.

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