Women Sent To Jail For Cursing During Court Recess

| by Lisa Fogarty

A 23-year-old woman from Plainfield, Illinois, was ordered by a judge to spend four days in jail after she was overheard cursing while waiting to be seen for a speeding ticket.

The incident took place in September 2012 when Will County Judge Carmen Goodman called for a recess, leaving Valerie Perez waiting even longer to face the court over her speeding ticket, reports Plainfield Patch.

As she left the courtroom, Perez reportedly said, “I waited all f---ing morning and now she takes a break.”

Her obscene reaction was overheard by Bailiff Bev Richardson, who reported back to Goodman about what she had said. In response, the judge found Perez guilty of indirect criminal contempt and sentenced her to eight days in jail. She managed to get out in four days with day-for-day good time.

The Third District Appellate Court recently ruled that Goodman was wrong for doling out this consequence. In its opinion statement, it reads: “we are unable to conclude the evidence proved (Perez) intended to embarrass the judge, since (she) did not communicate this statement directly to the judge or identify the judge by name while in the hallway.”

Source: Plainfield Patch

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Zeldman/Flickr,