John Lanham, Milwaukee Podiatrist, Admits To Lying To Patients About Insurance Coverage

| by Sylvan Lane

John Lanham is a Milwaukee-based podiatrist who tells patients their visits will be covered under insurance, regardless of whether or not they are in his insurance network. If they aren’t, he inflates their bills and sticks the duped man or woman with the full cost of the procedure when they aren’t expecting it. Lanham admits to doing this, but doesn’t quite get how wrong it is. He only wants people to stop bullying him.

“If I was doing something fraudulent, I would be out of business by now,” said Lanham to The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “If I’m still getting all these complaints but I’m not breaking any laws, then don’t come down on me. Fix the system.”

“You are picking on a little guy who is struggling to make a living,” he said of his critics.

So how has this gone unpunished? According to The Inquisitr, “[O]ut of 92 complaints lodged against him since 2001, 66 never made it past the Department of Safety and Professional Services for lack of evidence. Others are dismissed for other reasons, and those remaining are downplayed into nothing by lawyers and what have you.”

"How can I stay in business if I have to disclose to patients that I'm not in their network?" Lanham told the Journal Sentinel, adding that if patients knew how much he was going to charge them, they'd leave.

"I unfortunately have to survive on patients' ignorance."

Steven Frydman, a podiatrist and director of the Wisconsin Society of Podiatric Medicine, said he receives so many complaints on Lanham that he saves them in a separate folder on his computer, according to The Journal- Sentinel

“Frydman said Lanham's approach of unbundling services is unethical and goes against agreed-upon standards used by insurance companies to establish appropriate fees. But even more problematic, he said, ‘is that he doesn't think he's doing anything wrong,’” it reported.


Sources: The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, The Inquisitr