Jarad Carr Tries to Return Printer to WalMart, Leaves Counterfeit Bills Inside

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Last Thursday, a Wisconsin man tried to return a printer to WalMart without a receipt after he broke the device attempting to print a page of fake one hundred dollar bills.

Jarad Carr, 37, went to the store to try and return the printer, but they refused to refund his money because he had no proof that he purchased it there.

After he insisted they accept it, they inspected the device and found he had left the counterfeit money in the printer. They then alerted police.

Hilariously, they only looked at the printer because he refused to leave the store and insisted that they were wrong. He even tried to barter with the employees, saying he would take a lower price if they couldn’t refund him in full.

Officers soon arrived at the store after employees called about the fake bills they found. He was arrested.

The page of bills in the printer wasn’t the only counterfeit money Carr had, as authorities found three other counterfeit hundred dollar bills in his wallet.

Carr was charged with attempted theft by fraud, forgery and resisting arrest.

Police were amazed that Carr drew so much attention to himself after he obviously committed a serious crime.

“You go to a WalMart with a printer to return and no receipt, with you counterfeit bills still lodged in it, and you want to dicker with the clerks to get half price back, when you have warrants out for you,” Police Chief Cal D. Smokowicz said.

“There are a few lessons here about not drawing attention to yourself.”