Ivanka Trump Takes Daughter To Visit Supreme Court (Photo)

| by Lauren Briggs

First daughter Ivanka Trump was spotted taking her 5-year-old daughter, Arabella Kushner, on a field trip to the U.S. Supreme Court on Feb. 22 (photo below).

The mother and daughter sat in the front row of an area of the courthouse reserved for friends, family and other guests of the justices, as they viewed three rulings announced by the high court before an hour-long oral argument for Kindred Nursing Centers v. Clark, reports The Washington Post.

Kindred Nursing Centers v. Clark centers on a Kentucky Supreme Court decision regarding the Federal Arbitration Act, and the justices debated whether it "pre-empts a state-law contract rule that singles out arbitration by requiring a power of attorney to expressly refer to arbitration agreements before the attorney-in-fact can bind her principal to an arbitration agreement," notes SCOTUSblog.

A court spokesperson said that that Trump and her daughter were guests of Justice Anthony Kennedy, whom the fashion mogul and businesswoman met at her father's inauguration in January. Supreme Court justices regularly invite guests to sit in for arguments, although presidential children rarely attend, according to NBC News.

The pair sat through the whole argument session. Arabella was seen peering over the rows of seats in front of her.

They left the courthouse just before noon and posed briefly for photos before their departure.

"Arabella and I visited the Supreme Court this morning and attended a hearing," Trump wrote on her Facebook page on Feb. 22, captioning the photo of her standing outside the courthouse with her daughter. "I'm grateful for the opportunity to teach her about the judicial system in our country firsthand. #SCOTUS #SupremeCourt #ImportantLessons #MotherDaughter."

The first daughter and her family moved to Washington, D.C., shortly before President Donald Trump's inauguration, in support of her husband, Jared Kushner, in his role as senior adviser to the president. She has stepped down from all formal roles managing her and her father's businesses and is taking time to "settle" her three children "into their new home and schools," she said in a January Facebook post.

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