Is It Quicker To Weave Through Traffic Or Stay In One Lane? Here's Your Answer (Video)

| by Jonathan Wolfe

It’s an age old question: should you stay in your lane in traffic, or should you weave through lanes in hopes of arriving at your destination just a little bit sooner?

The Mythbusters team recently set out to answer that question and found that it is a bit quicker to weave, but just barely.

For one test, two drivers set out on a 46-mile journey on a backed-up road. One driver stayed in the same lane the entire time, while the other weaved. The person who weaved reached their destination a whopping two minutes earlier.

Here are the results:


Next, Mythbusters ran a test with one weaver and four people sticking in one lane. The weaver again arrived first, but the difference was probably not worth the hassle of constantly switching lanes. Here are the test two results:


To watch the Mythbuster team’s full experiment, check out this video:

H/T: The Blaze, BuzzFeed