Woman Gets Ultimate Revenge Using "Lost Dog" Poster

| by Zara Zhi

A college student came up with the ultimate revenge plot against her cheating boyfriend.

Reddit user “mellllon” posted a picture of a “lost dog” flier found all over the California Polytechnic State University campus on March 15.

The user captioned the viral post with, “Angry girl at my school posted these all around campus, I spotted 11 on my walk to the library this morning.”

Except, instead of a lost dog, the flier featured a picture of her cheating boyfriend, Jordan, and a concise description:

“Cheating Psychopath Mutt” under “breed”; “licking *ssholes (liberally)” under “likes”; and “last seen: Humping Julia” as his description.  

The viral post has garnered mixed reactions from users, with some supporting the woman’s revenge while others are calling her a “c*nt” and suggesting Jordan sue for slander.

“Everyone is an *sshole in this scenario,” one user said on Imgur.  

Some commentators have even suggested that Jordan himself posted it: “Maybe he's actually the one posting them. This is great street cred.”

The Reddit post has since been removed for breaking a rule which states: “No posts which may result in harassment of any individual, subreddit or other entity.”

It’s no surprise that so many users reacted strongly to the post, considering the majority of Reddit users are young males aged 18 to 29, according to a Pew Research Center study.

Sources: Reddit, Pew Research Center / Photo credit: Imgur

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