Ireland Man Plagued With Enormous Rats In His Home

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Terrifying, cat-sized rats continue to pop up across Ireland. We told you a few weeks ago about the huge rat found in a Dublin attack, but that story pales in comparison to what Co Down resident Se McKendry has found in his house.

The Irish Mirror reports McKendry has found 59 huge rats in his home since moving in four years ago.

“They are the size of a cat,” McKendry said. “It’s as if they are feeding on steroids. The one you see me with there was 18 maybe even 20 inches long.”

McKendry says one of the massive rodents tried bite him recently.

“It was huge,” he said. “I lifted it up by the tail thinking it was dead but it turned around and tried to bite my arm. I threw it on the ground and the dog pounced on it. You wouldn’t believe the size of them until you see them.”

Here is McKendry’s dog with the rat:

To make matters worse, McKendry says the giant rats are both not afraid of cats and seemingly immune to poison.

“People say get a few cats, but they have no fear of them,” he said. “They’re not even afraid of the neighbor’s cats. We’ve had pest control come out so many times but the poison doesn’t work on them. It’s horrendous.”

McKendry says the rats are most active at night, and their movements in his attic sound “like a body being dragged across the floor.”