Iranian Man Goes 60 Years Without a Shower, Breaks Record

| by Emily Smith

An 80-year-old Southern Iranian man has reportedly broken the world record for most years passed without bathing, according to the Islamic Republic News Agency.

It has apparently been 60 years since Amou Haji last showered.

Haji has been described as a recluse who took to the countryside after setbacks in his youth. Since then, he has believed that cleanliness brings illness.

Haji also believes that eating rotten meat, especially porcupine meat, and drinking dirty water from a rusted tin can is beneficial for his health.

When he wants to relax, Haji smokes multiple cigarettes at a time or smokes a pipe filled with animal feces. When grooming, the 80-year-old uses a car mirror for accuracy and burns locks of his hair in fire when it grows too long.

At night, Haji sleeps in a grave-like dirt hole or in a shack that concerned locals built him.

“His roof is the starred sky, his little shack is paid in full without worrying about monthly mortgages,” Islamic Republic News Agency wrote, “his pillow and quilt is the soft cushion of the earth embracing him every time.”

The paper suggested that Haji’s lifestyle makes him luckier than many other people in that he feels happy.

Sources: The Blaze, DailyMail