Indian Man Burned Alive By Sorcerers

| by Amanda Schallert

Police arrested seven people in India for stabbing and burning a man alive because they thought he was a sorcerer Monday night.

The suspects also reportedly chopped off the man’s arms with an axe and danced around his burning body until it was only ashes while the victim’s wife and son were nearby, according to the Times of India.

Police arrested the alleged sorcerers and sorceresses Parvati, Bhagwati, Kusia, Surtia, Mukesh, Dumari Singh and Gend Singh Tuesday. All were charged with murder.

The crime occurred in the Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh. The man named Brijlal was reportedly seeking help from a “sorcerer” named Parvati to treat his 10-year-old boy.

But when the man and his family met the sorcerer, Parvati deemed him as a rival sorcerer, prompting the sorceresses and other individuals to attack the man and kill him.

They first stabbed him with a trident, then cut his limbs with an axe and finally set him on fire with kerosene.

The suspects let the man’s son and wife leave after threatening them and telling them to keep quiet about the incident, which occurred in a remote area.

Brijlal’s family members made their way to a police station despite warnings and told police what happened.

"He was stabbed, axed and burnt alive. They danced around Brijlal when he was screaming," they said.

Source: Times of India