Husband Freaks Out, Stabs Wife After She Jokes About His Cooking Skills

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Well then, someone is a little bit sensitive.

Indian man Ganpat Vaz, 40, stabbed his wife, Suman, 38, after she made a joke about his culinary abilities -- or lack thereof -- while the two prepared dinner one night. Vaz was holding a knife and chopping vegetables when Suman made the joke. Something that she said must have really irked him, because he immediately turned around and plunged a five-inch knife into her shoulder.

Vaz ran out of the house after stabbing his wife, so she went next door to a neighbor begging for help. The neighbor, Kadri Ravikiran, was understandably shocked when he answered his door.

“I heard a knocking on my front door and when I answered I couldn't believe my eyes,” he said, according to MailOnline. “Suman was standing there with a knife sticking out of the top of her arm. At first I thought it was some sort of joke. But she was very pale and clearly in shock, and when she told me what had happened I immediately phoned an ambulance.”

Soon after being rushed to the hospital, Suman received some incredible news: She suffered no serious damage from the stabbing.

“Fortunately, the knife didn't damage any vital tendons or arteries and she sensibly did not try and remove the knife herself,” a hospital spokesperson said. “She is now recovering nicely.”

As for what made her husband stab her, Suman can’t even muster a guess.

“I can't believe he did this,” she said. “He's never been violent before, and we often joke about how useless he is in the kitchen. I just can't understand what made him flip over such a harmless remark.”

Sources: MailOnline, Inquisitr / Photo Credit: MailOnline