This Is How Parents Use Social Media To Make Raising Kids Fun (Photos)

| by Jonathan Wolfe

So this is what parenting in the age of the Internet looks like.

Parents around the world are getting a kick out of taking pictures of their little ones after they act up by making them pose next to notes telling of their (funny) bad behavior. Gems include things like a baby sitting next to a note saying “I like to shriek the loudest during the quietest parts of church.”

Luckily for you, you can see the best of theses photos all in one place right here. 

Here you go:

Scribbles: Most parents love to see their child expressing themselves through art, but not when that means ruining the kitchen

Stinky: This infant certainly hasn't learned manners regarding bodily functions yet

No shame: This baby girl may look innocent with a cute pink bow in her hair, but she's a thief in the making

A clepto and a runner: These two boys are guilty of stealing and trying to run away

Dress-up: Some little girls like cutting their own bangs, others just paint themselves blue and pretend to be a smurf

She doesn't care! This little girl has fun being bad

Sources:, Mail Online