'These Girls Need To Be Gone!': Houston Resident Allegedly Discovers Sex For Sale In Subdivision (Photos)

| by Sean Kelly

A concerned resident in a Houston, Texas, subdivision penned a letter to neighbors after reportedly discovering that another resident was selling sex in a nearby unit.

“Let's get together and shut this place down. I don't know who owns (the unit) but they need to get a phone call today ... and these girls need to be gone! Now! I'm asking for your help because if I take matters into my own hands I don't even know where I would start,” the anonymous resident wrote in the letter.

According to reports, the resident witnessed men showing up to the unit at various times of the day to pay for sex, and also discovered an online ad for sex services at the unit.

“You pay to live in a nice community; you definitely don't want that kind of action going on,” resident Steve Coleman, who received one of the letters, told KPRC.

Police reportedly advised residents to report any suspicious behavior or suspected illegal activity such as prostitution to authorities, instead of sending letters to neighbors within the subdivision.

The incident comes just days after Houston police announced intentions to step up efforts to rid the city’s annual oil and drilling convention of prostitution. Sex trafficking has allegedly become a major problem within the confines of the convention and the big oil industry in Houston.

Authorities said they would be running sting operations to help curb the amount of prostitution that occurs during the convention.

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Sources: KPRC, KHOU

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