Police: Couple Kidnapped, Raped Woman On Honeymoon (Photos)

| by Michael Howard

A Georgia couple was arrested in Florida on their honeymoon after allegedly kidnapping and raping a woman, then walking naked into a convenience store and stealing two drinks.

Newlyweds Rashada Hurley, 32, and Timothy Lowe, 37, were charged July 10 with kidnapping, robbery, sexual battery and indecent exposure. They are currently awaiting trial in Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center after being denied bond on the kidnapping charges, according to the Miami Herald.

A police report indicates that the couple's crime spree began on the afternoon of July 9, when they decided to kidnap a 27-year-old woman from a Publix parking lot. The woman told police that she had backed out of her parking spot and was about to shift into drive when Hurley suddenly approached the vehicle.

When she rolled down her window, she said Hurley reached into the car and struck her in the head.

After losing consciousness, the woman woke up to find Hurley choking and punching her as Lowe drove her car to a nearby Motel 6, where the honeymooners used the woman's credit card to get a room.

According to the arrest affidavit, Hurley and Lowe took the woman to the room and forced intercourse upon her. They also forced her to perform oral sex on Hurley.

The woman told police that she managed to run out of the room while Hurley and Lowe were distracted. The couple then fled the scene in the woman's vehicle.

The following day, police received a call from a 7-Eleven stating that a naked couple had come into the store, grabbed two soft drinks worth $2.14, and walked out again without paying. A Walgreens in the area also reported seeing the naked couple, although it is not clear whether they stole anything.

"[They] open the door and go to the freezer for two sodas, and come back and leave," employee Ibis Rodriguez told WPLG. "I'm thinking they are crazy."

Police found Hurley and Lowe drinking their sodas about a block away from the 7-Eleven. They were still naked, and officers gave them blankets to cover themselves up. They were then taken in for questioning and charged with petty theft.

Using surveillance footage, police were able to connect Hurley and Lowe to the previous day's kidnapping and sexual assault. The couple was arrested after the victim picked them out of a photo lineup.

"Hell of a honeymoon," Miami-Dade County Judge Victoria Sigler said in court.

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