Texas Mother Told To Remove Deceased Son's Memorial (Photos)

| by Sean Kelly

A homeowner association in Houston, Texas, left a note at the memorial for a deceased 8-year-old boy telling his grieving mother to remove it.

Abraham “Bubba” Garza was 8 years old when, in 2012, he was hit by a car while attempting to save a squirrel in the street. He was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Bubba’s mother, Crystal Garza, set up a memorial shortly after his passing at the spot where he was hit, which has remained ever since. 

Late last week, Garza found a notice at the site of the memorial, left by a local homeowner association.

“Sorry for your loss!” the notice read. “Please remove from median.”

KTRK attempted to contact the HOA for comment, to no avail. A resident near the memorial told the news station that he’d like the display removed, as it has affected his ability to sell his house. 

Garza, however, is fighting to keep the memorial up, saying that it reminds her “that everybody cares.”

“It would devastate me again,” she told KTRK.

Sources: ABC 7, KTRK

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