Thousands Of Bees Invaded This Man's House (Photos)

| by Sheena Vasani

One South Carolina man came home from work only for his bathroom ceiling to collapse, revealing the massive colony of 30,000 bees.

Reddit user underdog106 posted about the incident online, explaining that while he had noticed a lot of bees lived in his home, he never thought much of it, Viral Nova reports.

“It was a huge adrenaline rush when I recognized what I was looking at,” he said on Reddit.

“The bee hive was heavy and the structure detached and fell through the ceiling.  It turns out the old owners of the house used 1/4 inch sheet rock for the ceiling in the bathroom. Which is absurd and ridiculous,” the man added.

After finding the colony, he asked his beekeeper to help him deal with the situation.

Ironically, the beekeeper was scheduled to pay the house visit anyway.

“The hive fell 3 hours before he was supposed to come today. What are the odds? Seriously. What are the F%^$KING ODDS. But all is well,” the Reddit user added.


While they tried to save as many as they could, only around 12,000 bees survived.

Neither of the men got stung in the process, although the man’s bathroom floor was left a honey-coated mess. 

It’s not the first time someone has found a large bee colony in their home.

In May 2015, New Yorker Frieda Turkmenilli had 40,000 bees living inside her apartment, CBS News reports.

Like underdog106, she was not bothered by them initially. She only called in experts to investigate after other tenants in the building complained.

"I didn't really pay that much attention. I just let them fly around. But then the tenants above and the tenants below have allergies, so they got very concerned and they complained," Turkmenilli said.

When the expert -- retired NYPD Detective Anthony Planakis, known as Tony Bees -- checked it out, she was shocked by what he revealed.

"They had some kind of infrared device so when he went with the infrared into your bedroom he said, 'Oh my god, you have a hive in your ceiling,’” she said.

It took five hours to remove the bees and their hives.

Sources: Viral Novaunderdog106/Reddit, CBS News / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


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