Homeless Man Discovers Purse With Nearly $400 In It, Returns It To Single Mom Battling Brain Cancer

| by Tony Tran

A homeless man who discovered a purse with nearly $400 inside decided to do the right thing and return it back its owner.

The 32-year-old man had been sleeping on the streets of State College, Pennsylvania, when he discovered the bag lost in a city park.

“I was waiting to go to an AA meeting [and I] saw it on a bench,” the man told local news station WJAC on Thursday.

After opening up the wallet inside he discovered $348 in cash as well as an Access Card. In Pennsylvania, an Access Card means you qualify for medical assistance. So the man knew that the owner was also in need of help.

Despite being in need himself, he decided to do the right thing. He cited his faith in God as the reason he returned the purse. 

“I have nothing in my pockets right now,” said the man.

He was able to contact with the owner of the purse through his homeless shelter. He discovered that she's a single mother who is also battling brain cancer.

A meeting was held between the two, according to WJAC. The woman told the man that “her whole life is inside that little bag” and was grateful to get it back.

The station also discovered that the man is originally from Boston.

Source: WJAC, SeattleTimes

Photo Credit: WJAC, 401(K) 2012/Flickr