Incredible Discovery At WWII Battleground (Photos)

| by Brendan Kelly

A group of Russian historians made an amazing discovery when digging at the site of a particularly bloody WWII battle.

Historians reportedly discovered a lock box filled with an assortment of items in near-perfect condition while digging in Nevsky Pyatachok battlefield in northern Russia.

The box, which seems to have belonged to a Nazi soldier, contained items such as clothing, cash, cigars, bottles of alcohol, and military paraphernalia.

According to Scribol, the Nevsky Pyatachok battlefield played an important role in the Siege of Leningrad. Fighting on the battlefield lasted several years.

Due to the flawless condition of the items and the sheer amount of this soldier's belongings found in the lock box, many viewers find the discovery to be questionable.

"I think it's possibly a mix of genuine and fake stuff put in the box so they can try to sell the fakes for big bucks as 'genuine,'" one user wrote.

“If this is true then it makes you wonder what else is still out there to be found and hope the guys managed to return the belongings to the soldiers family,” another viewer commented.

Decide for yourself if you think the discovery was genuine. If it is true, these historians must have had one exciting day at work.

Sources: ScribolViralThread / Photo credit: ViralThread

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