'Ya Got Me': Teacher Impressed By Student's Humorous Ploy To Get A Perfect Score (Photo)

| by Charles Roberts

Some students get an assignment and only see two possible scenarios: Do it well and get a good score or do it poorly and get a bad score. Other students, however, know that a little bit of creativity can go a long way.

This week, a teacher posted an example of a student who fell into the latter group.

Reddit user sbd_marauder said that he had been grading papers for “days” when he stumbled upon an assignment with a little note at the top.

“Connect the dots” the note read. So that’s exactly what the teacher did. And here is what it produced:

The teacher loved the creativity so much he couldn't help but post the paper online.

For those wondering about the other drawing on the paper, the teacher responded: “The drawing was done after the work was completed."

And for what it’s worth, even without the creative ‘Connect the dots’ ploy, the student still would’ve earned a 100 percent: “This is a legitimate 100… The student actually earned a 100 but decided to add some humor to the assignment.”

Source: Reddit / Photo Credit: Reddit

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