Hearst Executive Scott Sassa Resigns After Explicit Texts with Stripper Sent to Bosses

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An executive at Hearst, a top media firm, has stepped down from his job after an exchange of sexually explicit text messages between him and a stripper were sent to his bosses.

Scott Sassa, 53, was asked to resign from Hearst Entertainment and Syndication Group after the woman sent the messages to senior figures at the company.

Sassa was responsible for the firm’s interests in cable TV networks, like ESPN and Lifetime, sent the texts to the stripper and arranged to meet up with her.

The two seem to have met in Los Angeles in December.

The woman has not been named, but sent Sassa revealing photos of herself in the messages.

She also tried to blackmail him by telling him she would forward the messages to his bosses if he didn’t give her money.

Her boyfriend helped her try to extort money from him.

Sassa is a single father of two and previously held positions at Fox, NBC, Friendster and Marvel Entertainment.

She sent Sassa a list of demands, but Sassa refused to comply with them. Her boyfriend then sent the text message exchanges to Sassa’s bosses.

Of those that received the messages were Hearst CEO Frank Bennack Jr and President of Marketing Michael Clinton.

Sassa received a “large compensation package” for leaving the company.

The company has not commented on the matter.

Until now, Sassa enjoyed various successful jobs, including a career at NBC which he started in 1997 as president of the NBC Television Stations division. Before that, he worked at Turner Broadcasting.


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