Woman's Pit Bull Detects Her Seizures 15 Minutes Before They Occur

| by Lisa Fogarty

A former Navy nuclear scientist from Nevada City, California, adopted a pit bull she named Thor from Sammie's Friends Animal Shelter thinking she was getting a loyal family pet for her son and herself. But what Danielle Zuckerman got in return changed her entire outlook on life.

It turns out Thor has been trained to detect seizures in humans 15 minutes before they take place, reports Life With Dogs. Zuckerman, who suffers from seizures after sustaining a spinal cord injury, says her pooch will alert her several minutes before one occurs by jumping on her lap and barking. She then has time to get somewhere safe where she can't injure her head and take medication that can reduce the length of her seizures from five minutes to one.

Zuckerman's doctor says the body emits a hormone before having a seizure, and it's one that dogs, but not humans, can detect. 

During the two months since Zuckerman adopted Thor, she suffered eight seizures, but each was detected early by her new pet. 

"I feel so much more comfortable going out in public and going to do things, because when you're an epileptic, you don't have control over your own body," Zuckerman told WIBW.

Thor, formerly named Blue Sox, spent several months waiting to be adopted, according to Sammie's Friends. He is now training to become a certified service dog. 

Source: Life With Dogs/Photo Credit: Life With Dogs