Handwriting Expert Says Receipt With 'None N**ger' Written On It Was Not Left By Customer

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Remember in September when we showed you a picture of a Red Lobster receipt that had the words “None Ni**er” written on it? If you missed the original story, you can see it here.

Well we’ve got an update today.

The man accused of writing the words on the receipt, Devin Barnes, went to his attorney, who also happens to be his pastor, and asked how he should deal with the accusations he’s facing. Barnes maintained he did not write the words on the receipt, but didn’t know how he could prove it. In the meantime, he’s faced a slew of threats from the public.

"It's been horrific. I mean, I just have been getting all these threats and everything," he said.

His attorney, Richard Dugger, hired a handwriting expert to compare the writing found on the receipt with other writing samples provided by Barnes. According to Dugger, the expert says the writing is not a match.

"There is no evidence that neither Devin Barnes nor his wife wrote that hideous statement on the line total, which means that someone else did," Dugger said.

“I didn't do this," Barnes said. "I just asked my parents, 'Why is this happening to me?' I mean, I didn't do nothing. Me and my wife were just trying to go out to eat, have a nice time."

Toni Jenkins, the waitress who served Barnes and his wife on the night the receipt was left, recently did an interview with Nashville news station WSMV. Jenkins says she posted a picture of the receipt not to draw attention to herself, but to make a statement about racism. Jenkins found widespread support online as her story circulated around the country, and a crowd-funding site raised $10,000 in “tips” for her.

It is still not clear who wrote the shameful words on the receipt. Writing samples from Barnes have circulated around the web, however. Compare the writing on the receipt to the writing on the letter below and let us know what you think:



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