Businesses Warned of ‘Civil Unrest’ When Grand Jury Decides on Michael Brown Shooting

| by Michael Allen

A property management company in the St. Louis area is warning businesses that there may be “civil unrest” after a grand jury issues its decision on whether or not to charge Ferguson, Mo., Police Officer Darren Wilson with a crime in the Michael Brown shooting from Aug. 9.

According to, a letter was sent on Oct. 21 by Pace Properties to businesses in a shopping center located in Richmond Heights, Mo., which is within a mile of a courthouse in Clayton, Mo., where the grand jury is meeting.

Pace Properties said in its letter: "The number one concern of public safety officials in the event of demonstrations or civil unrest will be the safety of citizens. Protection of property will be a secondary consideration.”

"Authorities anticipate that the grand jury’s decision will be announced in November, at the earliest," adds the letter.

Missouri police are reportedly preparing for the grand jury's decision by meeting with community leaders, local religious figures and students. Law enforcement will get an one day advance warning before the grand jury's decision is released.

"I know there's a lot of anxiety, there's a lot of fear, anticipation," Missouri State Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson told the Associated Press, but he added, "I have a lot of hope."

"The moment I learn that there is, in fact, a non-indictment, then there's going to be an organized protest," stated Eric Vickers, an attorney and civil rights activist.

Sources:, Associated Press (Image Credit: Jamelle Bouie)