Tough Texas Cop Ann Marie Carrizales Shot Twice, Chases Down Fleeing Suspects Anyway

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A onetime Police Officer of the Year in Stafford, Texas, is out of the hospital today, after she was shot in the face and chest at a routine traffic stop.

But Sgt. Ann Marie Carrizales didn’t let a little thing like multiple gunshot wounds stop her from pursuing her suspects. The former Marine, amateur boxer and mom of two chased the shooter’s car as it sped toward Houston — more than 20 miles away.

Her fellow cops say that she is “one tough officer,” but sometimes being tough isn’t enough. Her bulletproof vest is the reason she is home, resting in the company of her husband and kids, today.

“Without any doubt, her ballistic vest saved her life, she was very fortunate,” Stafford Police Lieutenant Dustin Claborn told KHOU TV News.  “It’s an excellent example of why a vest should be worn at all times.”

Carrizales (pictured above), who served as a military police officer, works the overnight shift at the Stafford Police Department, the job she’s held since 2010. It was just before 4 am Saturday when she pulled over a silver Nissan Altima for minor traffic violations in the 12700 block of Murphy Road in Stafford.

What she didn’t know is that the car contained at least one dangerous gang member, reported to be in the country illegally and with a lengthy rap sheet. Two of his associates were in the car with him.

While she was speaking with the driver, one passenger in the car, alleged to be 21-year-old Sergio Francisco Rodriguez, opened fire.

The car sped away, but Carrizales, even as she was bleeding from her facial wound and in serious pain, pulled out her service weapon and blasted away at the fleeing Altima, blowing out the rear windshield.

Then she got back in her police cruiser and started after the suspects.

“She was calm. She relayed that shots were fired. She continued to call her pursuit into Houston,” said Claborn.

With the help of police from Houston and a couple of other surrounding communities, the car was stopped. Rodriguez was taken into custody — but two other suspects got away on foot.

The one police say poses the biggest threat to the public is Fredy Henriquez, 28, who was reportedly behind the wheel of the Altima. An alleged member of the violent Sureno 13 gang, cops say Henriquez (pictured below) is armed and dangerous.

Police have yet to identify the third passenger of the vehicle.

Fredy Henriquez

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