Suicidal Teen Armed with Knife is Shot, Killed by Virginia Police (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Christian Sierra, 17, was reportedly depressed last Saturday and cut himself at a friend's house in Purcellville, Va.

Sierra's friend called 911 for help, but the police officer who answered the call ended up shooting and killing the troubled teen (video below).

“Why would you shoot a child that is suicidal?” Sandra Sierra, the teen's mother, told The Washington Post. “You are there to save him, not finish him off.”

Witnesses claim that Sierra was watching movies with friends when he became depressed and started cutting himself with a knife.

Sierra was worried about the 911 call and fled his friend's home by jumping off a balcony, but the friend followed him.

Sierra and his friend ended up at a neighbor's house, but Sierra took off again.

A witness heard Sierra say, "I don't want to live anymore," then saw him collapse on the ground, get up and turn towards the police officer who arrived on the scene.

Witnesses claim that a police officer yelled to Sierra “Freeze!” or “Stop!” and then fired his gun several times at the suicidal teen.

"The four gunshots, it's just too much. Excessive. Excessive. Why four?" Sandra Sierra told My Fox DC. "This was an injustice. This was not handled properly. My son could have been saved.”

"They're supposed to come to help and stop the suicide and they came and killed him," added Natalie Moriarty, the teen's aunt.

"We just want the truth and nothing but the truth," stated Eduardo Sierra, the boy's father.

Sierra's parents claim they were not allowed to see their son's body at a local hospital where he died because of a shooting investigation by the Virginia State Police.

Sources: The Washington Post and My Fox DC