Pregnant Woman Accidentally Killed by Friend Showing Off His Guns, Say Police

| by Michael Allen

Katherine Hoover, who was five months pregnant, died at 3 a.m. this morning after a gun accident at a friend's house in Brooksville, Fla., on Saturday night.

"What has happened is truly a tragic shock," Hoover's brother Gary Bryan told the Tampa Bay Times. "My sister was a wonderful and special woman. She was a wonderful wife and mother. She had just gotten married and was getting herself established."

Hoover and her husband Carson had gone to visit a friend, William DeHayes, who showed the couple his gun collection.

According to the Hernando County Sheriff's Office, DeHayes' .22 caliber handgun accidentally fired and shot Hoover in the head.

The 25 year old was rushed to a local hospital, and then transported to the Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point.

Doctors removed the 5-month-old male fetus from Hoover in attempt to save him, but the unborn child died.

Police have not said whether or not DeHayes will be charged with any crimes, notes WTSP.

"She was truly a special person, inside and out," added Hoover's sister Kayleigh Bryan. "We were blessed to have the time that we had with her. She's going to be missed very much."

Sources: WTSP and Tampa Bay Times (Image Credit: Hexidismal)