Open Carry Texas Claims Gun Control Laws Are Racist Against Black People

| by Michael Allen

The predominantly white pro-gun group Open Carry Texas recently announced that it would be will be holding a public event in Houston, Texas, on Aug. 16.

“We are not going to be marching through 5th Ward,” Open Carry Texas founder C.J. Grisham stated in a press release posted on “We’re going to hopefully be marching with 5th Ward.”

The 5th Ward is a predominantly black area in Houston where Open Carry Texas had previously planned an armed march, but then canceled the event.

The Open Carry Texas press release also stated: "Open Carry Texas believes that Texas’ gun laws continue to be rooted in racism. In order to obtain a concealed handgun license in Texas, one needs to shell out over $250 in fees and requirements to do so.

"According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the poverty rate in Texas was 14.4% in 2010, the date of the last census. In the African-American community, the poverty rate was 27.1%, nearly twice the state poverty rate and almost three times higher than non-Hispanic whites. In other words, the extreme cost to obtain a license in Texas disproportionately prevents African-Americans from getting one."

However, the state of Texas has no racial laws against owning firearms or any other regulated property, such as an automobile.

According to, the Dallas City Tax is .01 and the state sales tax is .0625, which would give someone a tax rate of .0825. If one were to buy a car in Dallas, Texas, for $25,000.00, the sales tax would be a whopping $2,062.50.

However, Open Carry Texas made no mention of that tax or any other financial burden placed upon Texas residents.

Open Carry Texas did complain about the high incarceration rates of black people in the Lone Star state, but didn't mention that "get tough on crime" laws are supported by the very same Republicans who fight for gun rights.

Open Carry Texas stated: "The crime rate in Houston’s 5th Ward is three times higher than the greater Houston area, mostly because the law abiding find it difficult to exercise their rights. Only the criminals are able to arm themselves and those that arm themselves for the purpose of self-defense find themselves in trouble just for carrying and never using the firearm."

However, Open Carry Texas didn't cite any evidence that the high crime rate in the 5th Ward is due to lack of gun ownership.

According to Texas Monthly, there are numerous problems in the 5th Ward, from extreme poverty to lack of education:

The Fifth Ward is crowded and poor: population density in the area is 30.5 persons per residential acre compared with Houston’s overall density of 14.4; the average housing density is 9.14; Houston’s, 4.98. Thirty-four per cent of the citizens live below the poverty level compared with Houston’s 10 per cent. The median income is $5030: in Houston, $9876. The people are under-educated: only 25 per cent have high school degrees, while in Houston 52 per cent do. City services show important differences, too. Forty per cent of the blocks are drained by storm sewers; 39 per cent by open ditches; and 21 per cent have no drainage improvements at all.

Open Carry Texas also announced that Maurice Muhammed, who hosts the "Black Militia Nation Radio Program," would join their rally on Aug. 16.

Muhammed posted a statement on Facebook that attacked, what he called, the "white lying media machine":

Peace and Blessings Family it appears that some aspect of the white lying media machine has taken the chance to try and slaughter my character and all the work I have been doing and will continue to do in the name of freeing our people. I had OCT on our radio program and our callers asked questions and they were answered and none of the questions were ducked. I have found them to be true to what they believe as far as gun rights is for everybody. They want to teach Black people what are our right as far as guns in Open Carry Texas.

They are coming but they are not marching through Ward 5 it will be a day of education. We must have our own business, our own school, our own reality just as we have had in the past..we must stop the police brutality that is running wild we must stop the black on black crime going on and the abuse of our women and that means we must have a MILITIA....and with that we need to know the laws because we will carry and it will be legal. We will have a new day....I will be going more into this tonight on Black Militia Nation Radio Program.

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