NRA Board Member Ronnie Barrett Claims Gun Control Will Result in the Deaths of 'Millions' (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Ronnie Barrett, a board member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), recently compared states' efforts to strengthen gun control laws to Nazi Germany, suggested that Americans are being disarmed and claimed that "the death of millions" will happen because of stronger gun control laws (video below).

According to, Barrett made his prediction during the March 1 broadcast of the NRA's 'Cam & Company' show on the Sportsman Channel.

"In all of history when this kind of stuff has happened before, it's bad news. You know and I hate to be one of these doomsday guys, but in past things like this result in the death of millions. You know, and World War II hasn't been 700 years ago, it's only been 70 years ago," said Barrett.

"And if people don't think that these things don't happen to modern, progressive, Christian nations like Germany was, they're wrong, brother, I mean we're sitting here just nearly repeating the same past of that, the disarming of the citizenry not based on any facts but based on cynical emotions that are put in and rushed through in the middle of the night before anybody has a chance to study the true facts, before their citizenry even knows what's going on. I mean holy smokes, what kind of state government was that? I can't believe that's one of the members of the Union here, one of the members of our Republic. It's just unimaginable."