Military Veteran With Concealed Weapon Protects Friends From Gunman

| by Dominic Kelly

A Chicago military veteran with a concealed carry permit was able to defend himself and his group of friends when an angry gunman began to fire shots at them as they were leaving a party.

According to reports, the military veteran was leaving a party with friends on Friday night when a woman in his group noticed a cup of liquor on top of her vehicle. The woman proceeded to ask the people next door, who were also throwing a party, who left the cup on her car, and when she went to remove it, 22-year-old Denzel A. Mickiel began to yell at her and threaten the group.

Suddenly, Mickiel ran into the residence, grabbed a gun, and began to shoot at the woman and her friends. The military veteran, a friend of the woman, quickly ducked behind a car, pulled out his concealed weapon, and began to fire back at Mickiel and two of the perpetrator’s friends who also became involved in the shooting. The military veteran fired two shots that both struck Mickiel, and the group of friends was able to flee the scene.

The woman was struck twice by Mickiel and was treated at a local hospital for injuries. Mickiel is currently in the hospital and listed in critical condition, although he has still been charged with attempted murder and will be held on $950,000 bail once he has recovered from his injuries.

Sources: Yahoo News, Chicago Tribune