Jon Stewart Rips NRA to Shreds Over Gun Hypocrisy, Fear-Mongering (Video)

| by Alex Groberman

After spending a huge chunk of last week focusing on veterans, Jon Stewart returned to his bread and butter on Monday night: Attacking Republicans for their allegiance to the NRA.

Stewart zoomed in specifically on this past weekend’s NRA convention in Houston. Noting that presenters like Ted Cruz, Rick Perry and Sarah Palin spent massive portions of their allotted speaking time angrily venting about various liberal policies, the Daily Show host wondered what the difference was between this event and CPAC.

After pointing out that this was mostly just a GOP convention, Stewart turned his attention to the inherent hypocrisy in accusing President Obama of trying to stir up fear in order to pass gun control, only to then use fear to retain gun rights. He played clips of Wayne LaPierre saying that firearms are necessary to stop murderers, terrorists and rapists, as well as clips of Glenn Beck arguing that guns were the only thing keeping people’s moms and sisters from being molested.

“At the heart of the NRA’s message don’t let liberals say it’s a dangerous world and scare you into gun control. Let us say it’s a dangerous world and scare you into gun-a-pa-looza!”

You can check out Stewart’s entire segment in the video below.

Source: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart