Gun Owners of America Claims Background Checks Will Lead to 'Extermination' Genocide (Audio)

| by Michael Allen

The Gun Owners of America's legislative counsel Michael Hammond (pictured) joined VCY America’s Jim Schneider on his 'Crosstalk' radio show on Wednesday to share theories on how universal background check legislation will somehow lead to genocide, reports (audio below).

"Let’s talk about this universal background check. Someone was drafting a letter to the president and they copied me in on the email, and here’s what  they said, and I’d like to get your reaction to it, " said Schneider. "They said that the consequence of a background check can be reduced to a simple formula... they use examination, goes to registration to investigation, confiscation, and tyrannization or…"

Hammond chimed in: "Which leads to extermination. And I was actively involved in rebuilding the Polish Solidarity Trade Union, which ultimately overthrew communism in the Eastern Bloc, and I can say that both when I talked to these people, they said, you know, ‘The Soviets have all these tanks stationed in our country and we have nothing.’"

"And let me say that 40 years before in the Warsaw ghetto uprising, the Nazis, who the first thing they did when they came into power was ban firearms, they exterminated the Jews in Warsaw and they did so because the government was the only one who was armed," added Hammond. "And, if you watch documentaries of that period, the people facing mass slaughter and saying, ‘We just, what do we do? We have no firearms.' And so ultimately, registration, confiscation, tyrannization has the real danger of leading to extermination."