Elderly Man Kills Wife Because She Wouldn't Stop Nagging Him

| by Jonathan Wolfe

After 56 years of marriage, Wisconsin man Jack Lang couldn’t take his wife’s nagging anymore.

Lang, 76, was arrested by police on Wednesday after authorities found his wife’s dead body inside their home. When questioned, Lang said he killed his spouse June Lang because she wouldn’t stop “nagging him.”

“According to the complaint, Lang says as he drove to Potawatomi, his wife began calling him names — specifically calling him a “baby.” He says when they arrived, he did not feel well and wanted to leave — but he says his wife started “giving him hell” about having to leave the restaurant,” Wisconsin station Fox 6 News reports.

Lang told police his wife had been nagging him for weeks about his inability to “show her a good time” anymore. She also reportedly made fun of him for having to call neighbors over to take care of house chores he used to be able to do himself.

The report says Lang told his wife to “lay off” on Wednesday and let him lay down. When Mrs. Lang continued pestering him, he lost it. Lang retrieved his .22 caliber gun from his room and loaded it with bullets. He then opened fire on Mrs. Lang before turning the gun on himself. According to the report, Lang only “grazed” himself once.

Mrs. Lang was pronounced dead at the scene when police arrived at the couple’s house.  Lang was promptly charged with one felony count of intentional homicide and one count of use of a dangerous weapon. If convicted, he will likely spend the rest of his life in prison. 

Sources: Fox 6 News, WGNTV