Critics Blast Bloomberg for Gun Control Commercials That Violate All 3 Gun Safety Rules

| by Dabney Bailey

Gun rights advocates are crying foul after New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s gun control advertisements ironically violate some of the most basic gun safety rules.

The National Rifle Association advocates three basic rules to gun safety:

1.       Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.

2.       Always keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot.

3.       Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a gun control organization that is co-chaired by Michael Bloomberg, released 2 commercials stressing the importance of gun control legislation and responsible gun ownership. Critics of the commercial are up in arms, claiming that the two commercials manage to violate all 3 gun safety rules in under a minute.

In the video entitled “Responsible,” the actor in this video is anything but as he apparently violates the first rule of gun safety. The man keeps his gun across his hip pointing out into the yard, when clearly there are children playing behind him. If one of these children ran up to the actor, the child would cross directly in front of the barrel of the gun.

The second rule warns gun users not to keep their finger on the trigger, yet in the video “Family” the actor violates that rule.

Completing the hat trick, the actor holds the pump-action shotgun with the action closed so there’s no way of telling whether or not the gun is loaded. Altogether, these commercials paint a portrait of a truly irresponsible gun owner, which is a bit ironic considering the actor says, “With rights come responsibilities.”

Bloomberg’s organization has spent $12 million on the campaign, directing the advertisements at Democratic senators like Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Joe Donnelly of Indiana. Bloomberg hopes to amass 60 votes in order to push legislation that will regulate private gun transactions.

Bloomberg and the Mayors Against Illegal Guns argue that this new legislation would make the world a better place, but if his critics are to be believed then Bloomberg might have to go back to the basics of gun safety, first.

Sources: The Blaze, Washington Times