Couple Sues Tampa After Officer Responding to Suicide Call Shot Man in Face

| by Lina Batarags

TAMPLA, Fla. – A man who was shot twice in the face by a Tampa police officer has filed a federal lawsuit against the officer and the City of Tampa.

The incident occurred on the morning on January 9, when Jason Turk sat in his car with a gun and considered killing himself.

Turk’s wife, Amanda, called 911 for help. As the lawsuit mentions, Amanda shared Jason’s mental health problems with 911 and never said that Jason wanted police to kill him.

News 10 ABC reports that 19 police officers responded to the call. Records indicated that none of the officers had received crisis intervention training.

Four minutes after officers arrived on the scene, K-9 Officer Tim Bergman opened fire.

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday, claims that the city failed to provide crisis intervention training to its officers. It also claims that K-9 officer Tim Bergman used excessive force when he shot Turk.

Although Bergman claims that Turk raised his gun, Turk maintains that his “weapon never came up.”

As the Turks’ attorney, Michael Maddux, insists, “This shooting was not justified.”

The lawsuits states that Turk posed no threat and that he needed crisis intervention, not to be shot.

Amanda Turk said that the fact that her husband “was shot by a police officer twice in the face is just still unimaginable to me.”

“Seeing him laying there he hadn’t been touched by anyone and his face was gone, and I thought he was gonna be gone too,” she said.

Tampa police chief Jane Castor insists that Bergman “did exactly what he had to do at that scene.”

“Every one of my officers is a negotiator and they try to de-escalate the situation as quickly as they can,” Castor added.

Sources: News 10 ABC, WFLA

Photo Source: News 10 ABC