Connecticut Siblings Stop Home Robbery

| by Will Hagle

Two Connecticut siblings managed to subdue a teenage robber who broke into their New London home.

According to WTIC Fox CT, 32-year-old Rich Dennis discovered two masked intruders outside his bedroom door around 3 a.m. on Wednesday. Dennis reacted to the presence of the individuals, one of whom fled the scene. Dennis subsequently became entangled in a scuffle with the remaining robber, an armed 15-year-old who managed to strike Dennis on the head with his weapon. 

Rich Dennis’ 29-year-old brother Kevin Dennis - the homeowner - then came downstairs brandishing his own handgun, which subdued the suspect. The 15-year-old then allegedly began crying and explaining how he was peer pressured into the robbery. He requested that the Dennis brothers call the police. The suspect was later charged with home invasion, first degree burglary, assault in the second degree with a firearm, and threatening and carrying a pistol without a permit. 

Kevin Dennis is also a U.S. Navy veteran who has completed tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. 

“I fought, I’m home, and now I’ve got to deal with 14-year-olds running around with guns. I already fought over there. It’s like my fight's over, but it’s obviously not,” Dennis told WTIC Fox. 

Gun control is poised to be a significant issue in the forthcoming Connecticut gubernatorial race, especially considering the changes in legislation that occurred after the 2012 shooting at Newton’s Sandy Hook Elementary School. 

Sources: WTIC Fox CT, New Haven Register