Colion Noir, Natalie Foster and Dom Raso Fight for Gun Rights on NRA News

| by Dabney Bailey

NRA News has added three diverse commentators: Colion Noir, Natalie Foster, and Dom Raso. These gun advocates will deliver gun-related news and critical commentary every week from the NRA News website. Each of them earned their credentials as leaders of the pro-gun community in unique and distinct ways.

Colion Noir rose to prominence through his Youtube channel, MrColionNoir. On it, Noir often talks about current hot topic issues in the gun debate and reviews firearms.

Natalie Foster runs Girl’s Guide to Guns, a blog devoted to firearms that’s written by and for women. Foster features articles about gun equipment, famous female shooters such as Olympic gold medalist Kim Rhode, and female shooters throughout history.

Dom Raso may not have much of a social media presence, but his history allows him to stand shoulder-to-shoulder alongside his two colleagues. Raso is a former US Navy Seal who served for 12 years. ”

Colion Noir's first NRA video features a critique of politicians’ response to inner city violence. He particularly blasts Presidents Obama for his stance on control legislation.

Noir’s second video highlights the perceived hypocrisy of gun control advocates who support restrictive legislation while “stripping the single mother next door of the ability to protect herself.”

Foster and Raso have yet to feature a video of their own, but NRA News does include video profiles that gives viewers a chance to get to know these new commentators. In her profile, Foster fuses women’s rights with Second Amendment rights when she asks, “If you’re going to be able to choose what you do with your body, then why are we not allowed to choose how we defend our bodies?” Raso revealed in his profile, “Being overseas and being in combat and seeing the government take away weapons and how it negatively affects the population, then coming back home and watching the same thing unfold – I’m in shock by it.”