Americans Quickly Buy Up AK-47s After Obama's Sanctions Against Russia

| by Michael Allen

The U.S. and several European countries have imposed economic sanctions against some Russian companies for the Russian government's suspected role in the missile attack on a Malaysia Airlines flight that killed 298 people.

Conservatives have attacked President Obama for not being tough enough on Russia, but many conservative gun owners are now quickly buying up AK-47s manufactured by the Russian company Kalashnikov Concern.

Part of the U.S. sanctions announced last week included Kalashnikov Concern, which manufactures AK-47 rifles, notes the Daily Mail.

American companies cannot import Kalashnikov Concern products into the U.S., according to the U.S. Treasury Department, but Americans are allowed to own, buy and sell the guns that were in the U.S. before the sanctions.

Craig Ball, of Impact Guns, recently told that there's been an increase in buyers who want AK-47s.

“Then something like this happens, and the supply dries up,” Ball said.

"We sell some of the Kalashnikov Concern stuff and that has been selling fast," Robert Keller, manager of K-Var, an online gun seller, told CNN.

Atlantic Firearms, a distributor in Maryland that specializes in AK-47s, stated on its website: “Due to recent import restrictions, we have had a run on our supply of Russian manufactured firearms... We are working with our importer to try and acquire what we can but are expecting price increases."

Kalashnikov Concern recently stated in a press release published on “The products of Kalashnikov enjoy great demand in the United States. Preorders on civilian products are three times the annual volume of deliveries. Thus, the sanctions taken against Kalashnikov go against the interests of American consumers.”

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