Grocery Store Employee Gets Well-Deserved Recognition For Kind Deed (Photo)

| by Jonathan Wolfe

An employee at a Publix grocery store is getting a rightful round of applause on the internet today.

The employee, named Gage, was working when he noticed an old man who couldn’t bend down to tie his shoe. Without hesitating, Gage took a knee and tied the man’s shoes for him.

A shopper named Keith Kiel was so touched by Gage’s response that he took a picture of him tying the elderly man’s shoes. He posted the picture to the Publix Facebook page where it has since gone viral. Here’s how Kiel described what he saw:

“I shopped at Publix tonight and saw this random act of kindness. I took it quickly and I found out the employee’s name from his manager. An old man could not reach down to tie his shoe so not only did Gage tie the one but he did the other as well; all with a smile. I thought he should be recognized for his actions. Here is the picture I snapped on my iPhone.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 1.20.05 PM

The photo has received almost 200,000 "likes." Commenters responded by complementing Gage on his kind heart and willingness to help those in need. My favorite comment on the picture comes courtesy of user Sherill Vansant.

“No man ever stands taller than when he kneels to help another,” she wrote. 

Sources: Facebook, IJ Review

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