Girl Allegedly Fat-Shamed By Starbucks (Photos)

| by David Bonner

A Starbucks in Edinburgh, Scotland, has been accused of fat-shaming a customer.

A barista at the world-famous coffee chain gave Teighan Sangster, 11, a Caramel Frappuccino which appeared to have the word "fat" written on the side of it, reports Metro.

She relayed her initial thoughts when she saw the words that were on the side of her cup:

I felt really shocked when I saw what was written. As we sat down my friend first spotted it and said 'that’s rude.' I felt really embarrassed, upset and angry by it.

What if they’d written it for someone who was bigger? They would feel quite hurt by it and think they had a point -- it would scar them for life.

I’d been excited to go as it was the first time we’d gone on our own and felt really grown up but after seeing what was written I just wanted to go home -- it really spoiled it for me.

PIC FROM MERCURY PRESS (PICTURED: 11 YEAR OLD TIEGAHN SANGSTER) A slim schoolgirl was ëmortifiedí when she received her Starbucks drink allegedly with ëFATí scrawled on it instead of her name. Keen horse rider Teigahn Sangster, 11, says she was handed the cup in the Starbucks at retail park Fort Kinnaird in Edinburgh by the mean barista at Friday lunchtime (March 10). The employee supposedly daubed ëfatí or ëfatoí on the side of the cup after Teigahn, who is a slim size eight and weighs just nine stone, ordered a small caramel frappucino with a friend. SEE MERCURY COPY

Her mother, Dionne Ford, also had a few words to say about the matter:

I was furious when I heard what had happened -- especially on her first trip alone. She phoned me from the cafe to tell me what had happened and I told her to bring the cup home.

She told me, 'It doesn’t matter mum, I am fat.'

It was really upsetting to hear -- it made her feel so little and knocked her confidence, I think it’s terrible.

She’s tall for her age, [5-feet 5-inches], and is well developed already but she’s not fat by any stretch of the imagination.

She wears adult size eight clothing and regularly goes horse riding and indoor rock climbing -- she’s a really active girl.

The staff need extra training and if it was done as a personal attack that person should be reprimanded, it’s completely disgusting.

In response to the allegation, Starbucks issued an apology statement:

We were concerned to learn of this as it is not indicative of the friendly service we provide in our stores. We are very sorry for the upset this has caused the family.

Following our investigation, we want to reassure that our store team did not write this intentionally.

It was originally crossed through and the circle is an indication that the partner hasn’t captured the name correctly. We would like to get in touch with the family directly to explain and apologize.

Sources: KSBW, Metro / Photo credit: Pixabay, Mercury Press via Metro

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