Georgia Woman Shocked When Googling Her Name Turned Up Her Breast Reduction Photos

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

A Marietta woman Googled her name online and was shocked when the search returned photographs of her breast reduction procedure, apparently posted by her plastic surgeon. The clinic staff at Marietta Plastic Surgery took the before and after photos, but the waiver the Georgia school counselor signed said that the pictures would never be associated with patient names when they were posted to the clinic’s website.

Worried that parents, students, or school administrators may have seen the pictures, the woman says the clinic caused her “humiliation” and “extreme embarrassment.”

“After having excruciating pain in my neck and shoulders, I decided to get a medically necessary procedure done,” the woman, who wished to remain anonymous because of her job, told WSB Channel 2 News.

“I doubled-checked, ‘Is this really me?’ It had my name right there. I knew it when I saw my photos, I knew that was me,” she said.  

An attorney for the surgery clinic said they take patient confidentiality seriously, but that they could not publicly comment on the case because of privacy laws. How the pictures became associated with her name remains a mystery, though the file likely included her name.

While the pictures have been taken off of the website, the woman's attorney Mike Regas said nothing ever disappears from the Internet.

“It has really made me question what is really kept confidential,” the woman said.

Source: NY Daily News