Lesbian Couple Turned Down for Marriage License in Mississippi (Video)

| by Michael Allen

While the news is full of reports of gay people not being allowed to marry in certain states, one activist group is actually recording the rejections.

The Campaign for Southern Equality recently announced its "WE DO Campaign," which will follow lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples into various towns in Mississippi and record them being denied marriage licenses.

Gay marriage is not legal in Mississippi, so the activist group is trying to draw attention what it calls "unjust state laws."

The activists followed two lesbians, Jenna and Kristen, as they applied for a marriage license in Poplarville, Miss., on July 10 (video below).

The women tell the city clerk they want to get married, but the clerk explains the marriage forms require the names of a man and a woman.

The group is going to film more same-sex marriage rejections in Hattiesburg, Jackson and Tupelo.